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Prophet Muhammad's Lineage to Adnaan
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The Companion Waathilah bin al-Asqa' relates that the Messenger of Allaah (peace, mercy and blessings be upon him) said:

Allaah chose Kinaanah from the offspring of Ismaa'eel, and He chose Quraysh from (the offspring) of Kinaanah, and He chose Banu Haashim from (the offspring) of Quraysh, and He chose me from Banu Haashim. Related by Imaam Muslim in his Saheeh.

The lineage of the Prophet traces to Adnaan who is from the offspring of Ismaa'eel the son of Abraham (peace be upon him) is as follows (and is mentioned in the Sahih of Imaam al-Bukhari):

  1. Muhammad,
  2. the son of Abdullah,
  3. the son of Abd ul-Muttalib,
  4. the son of Haashim,
  5. the son of Abd Manaaf,
  6. the son of Qusayy,
  7. the son of Kilaab,
  8. the son of Murrah,
  9. the son of Ka'ab,
  10. the son of Lu'ayy,
  11. the son of Ghaalib,
  12. the son of Fihr,
  13. the son of Maalik,
  14. the son of al-Nadr,
  15. the son of Kinaanah,
  16. the son of Khuzaimah,
  17. the son of Mudrikah,
  18. the son of Ilyaas,
  19. the son of Mudar,
  20. the son of Nizaar,
  21. the son of Ma'add,
  22. the son of Adnaan who is from the descendants of Ismaa'eel.

Muhammad (peace be upon him) is Semitic, his lineage traces through Ismaa'eel (peace be upon him), through Abraham (peace be upon him) to Sem, the son of Noah (peace be upon him).